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Operated   on drip rate peristaltic finger pump method.
Compatible   with most of the IV set(macro/micro  drip    sets).
Following  flow  rates:
1. IV  Set  ml/hr. Drops/minute
2. 15 drops/ml   3~450ml/hr.1~100 drops /min
3. 20 drops/ml   3~450ml/hr. 1~100 drops/min
4. 60 drops/ml    1~100ml/hr.1~100 drops/min
Flow  rate  accuracy  of  -/+10%  and  drip rate  accuracy  of  -/+2 %
Volume infused display from   0 to 999.9ml.
Purge and KVO   facility.
Audible  and  visual  alarm  for  occlusion  pressure  , air  alarm, door  open, empty,  low  battery.
LCD  display  with  backlight  and  graphical  display  of  infusion.
Minimum 2 hour battery back up at highest delivery  rate.
Work with input of  200 to  240 VAC 50Hz  supply.
Electrical and functional safety test report from ERTL. 
Power  supply  220-240 V 50Hz

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