• fos3pluse finger oximeter
  • fos3pluse finger oximeter
FOs3 plus Meditech fingeritp pulse oximete, Color high-clearance screen with 4 display modes and the brightness can be adjustable.
Alarm sets for low voltage, abnormal SPO2 and PR.
FOs3 plus will be automatically power off without signal. and have Inner flash memory sets for more than 30 hours data storage.

Advanced software for sleep study and monitoring and transfer data to the computer which allow you to print the reports A4.
Wire connection (USB), and bluetooth option 

Product Features

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    Color monitor, (Pixels: 160*128, 256K color) 1.3"
    Built-in memory stores up to 24 hours of downloadable data (USB cable included).
    4 different display modes
    Adjustable brightness settings.
    Built-in, switchable alarms for SpO2 and pulse rate.
    Pulse histogram and SpO2 wave display
    USB interface ensures convey of SpO2 data, (Wireless option)
    Easy to use & high accuracy
    Small in size, and easy to carry and Light weight of 45g, batteries included
    Battery voltage indication: color graph
    Auto power-off after 4 seconds without signal
    3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Charger: USB and AC charger)
    Synchronous display on the oximeter and computer
    Inner flash memory for more than 30 hours data storage
    Advanced software for sleep study and monitoring
    Power consumption: less than 20mA (wireless and alarm not work).

    Particularly suitable for persons with:
    Heart failure
    Bronchial asthma
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
    Sleep apnoea
    * Meditech Oximeter Software (OxySoftTM ) is a fingertip oximeter data management device, delivering remote management of algorithum, vital sign and software update capabilities. The meditech monitoring device allows patients, along with clinicians, to more easily monitor their vital signs. 
    Meditech oximeters(Some models)  monitor the exchange of secure patient information transfer. Patients will be able to go about their daily activities and send data through the USB cable to the computer.
    The developement of this product is vital to enhancing the tele-medicine market, which gives the benifit to collect data and promote noninvasive monitoring devices used in numerous medical settings around the world – including the hosptal medical clinics and EMS.
    More details please click (OxySoftTM ) 

Product Specifications

    The Pulse Oxygen Saturation (%SpO2):   2-digit digital  OLED display
    Pulse Rate(bpm):    3-digit digital  OLED display 
    Pulse Intensity:        (bar-graph) bar-graph, OLED display 

    SpO2 Parameter Specification
    Measuring range:     0%~100%, (the resolution is 1%).
    Accuracy : 70%~100%:±2% ,Below 70% unspecified.
    Average value:         Calculate the Average value in every 4 measure value.
                                    The deviation between average value and true value does not exceed 1%.
    Measuring range:     30bpm~250bpm, (the resolution is 1bpm)
    Accuracy:                 ±2bpm or ±2% (select larger)
    Average pulse rate:   Moving calculate the Average pulse rate every 4 cardio-beat,s cycle.
                                    The deviation between average value and true value does not exceed 1%
    Safety Type:             Interior Battery,BF Type

    Pulse Intensity
    Range:                    Continuous bar-graph display, the higher display indicate the stronger pulse.

    Battery Requirement
    Voltage 3.7 rechargeable lithium battery × 1  

    Battery working life
    Charge and discharge no less than 500 times.

    Power Adapter
    Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Output voltage   5 VDC
    Output current   1000mA
    Oximeter Probe Wavelength:660nm 880nm
    Dimensions and Weight
    Dimensions 57(L) × 32(W) × 30 (H) mm
    Weight About 50g (with the lithium battery)

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