Pulse Oximeter with PI index
6 modes and HR sound beep.
Alarm Setting:

Product Features

    Small in size, and easy to carry
    Color OLED monitor, 6 different display modes
    Pulse histogram and 4 kinds Spo2 wave display
    Easy to use & high accuracy and repetition
    Low voltage alarm display
    Pulse oximeter perfusion index (PI)  
    Auto power-off after 20 seconds without signal
    Runs on standard AAA batteries and continuous working time is 30 hours
    Light weight of 55g, batteries included
    Alarm setting: (SpO2   Hi/Lo)   (PR     Hi/Lo)

    Screen 1
    Sounds Setup: To go to the other menu
    SpO2 Alm Hi:   Set hi levels of oxygen percentage
    SpO2 Alm Lo:  Set low levels of oxygen percentage
    PR Alm Hi:  Set high levels of pulse rate
    PR Alm Lo:  Set low levels of pulse rate Switch
    +/- :           Between going higher or lower
    Exit :         To exit the menu
    Screen 2
    Alm:        To switch the alarm on or off
    Beep:      To switch the pulse rate alarm on or off
    Restore : To restore back to factory settings
    Exit:         To exit the menu

Product Specifications

    OLED display
    6 display mode
    Parameters: SpO2, PR, Pleth bar.
    Alarm Settings: Information &Low Battery
    Patient Range
    Adult and Pediatric
    Range 0%-99%
    Resolution 1%
    Accuracy ±2% in stage of 70 % ,0%-69%: unspecified
    Method: Dual wavelength LED
    Heart (Pulse) Rate
    Range: 30-240 bpm
    Resolution: 1bpm Accuracy, ±2bpm or ±2%
    Operating Temperature : 5℃-40℃
    Storage Temperature: -10℃ - 40℃
    Operating Humidity: 15%RH - 95%RH
    Storage Humidity: 10%RH - 95%RH
    Type of protection: internally powered equipment
    Safety:  IEC Standard 61601-1-1
    Size:   58(L) × 32(W) × 30(H) mm
    Weight : 50g (including 2 batteries)
    Battery 2 AAA size 1.5V Alkaline Batteries or 2 AAA 1.5V rechargeable batteries

    Operation time
    minimum 40 hours for normal Operation

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