• patient monitor,Meditech Patient monitor,ecg patient monitor
  • patient monitor,Meditech Patient monitor,ecg patient monitor
  • patient monitor,Meditech Patient monitor,ecg patient monitor
  • patient monitor,Meditech Patient monitor,ecg patient monitor
Multi-Parameter patient monitor has a 12.1"color TFT screen.
Monitoring ECG, SP02, NIBP, RESP .2-TEMP. PR as standard parameters, and 2-IBP, ETC02 and thermal printer as options,

Product Features

    12.1'' TFT color LCD, multi-language interface(Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Kazakh, Polish, Czech).
    Fanless design, quiet, energy-saving and clean, which reduces the possibility of cross-infection.
    All-round monitor for adult, pediatric and neonate.
    With standard interface, oxygen graph, trend graph, big character interface and view bed, convenient to observe.
    Finish all operations by keys and knobs.
    Maximum 8-channel waveform synchronous display.
    Display 7-lead ECG waveform on one screen, cascade ECG waveform display
    Adopt digital SpO2 technology, anti-motion and anti-ambient light interference, and measurement can be performed under the circumstance of weak filling.
    Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis function
    NIBP measurement mode: Manual/AUTO/STAT, storage for 4800-group NIBP data.
    Review for 71 alarm events of all parameters and 60 arrhythmia alarm events.
    Drug concentration calculation and titration table functions.
    One-touch printing of trend graph
    Connect to Central Monitoring System by 3G, Wi-Fi or wired mode.
    AC/DC, built-in rechargeable lithium battery achieve uninterrupted monitoring.
    Anti-high frequency surgical unit, defibrillation-proof (special leads are necessary).
    Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) Module
    Masimo SpO2 Module
    Thermal Printer

    Built-in Wifi (MD9000s)

Product Specifications

    Lead Mode           5 Leads ( R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL, V)
    Lead selection      I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V,
    Waveform             2 ch
    Lead mode           3 Leads ( R, L, F or RA, LA, LL)
    Lead selection      I, II, III,
    Waveform             1 ch
    Gain                     ´2.5mm/mV, ´5.0mm/mV, ´10mm/mV, ´20mm/mV
    HR and Alarm                       
    Adult          30 ~ 300 bpm
    Neo/Ped    30 ~ 350 bpm
    Accuracy                           ±1% or ±1bpm, which great
    Resolution                         1 bpm
    Sensitivity                           > 200 uV P-P
    Differential Input Impedance  > 5 MΩ
    Monitor                              > 105 dB
    Operation                           > 105 dB
    Diagnosis                           > 85 dB
    Electrode offset potential  ±300mV
    Leakage Current               < 10 uA
    Baseline Recovery            < 10 s  After Defi.
    ECG Signal Range            ±8 mV (Vp-p)          
    Surgery                              1 ~ 15 Hz
    Monitor                                0.5 ~ 35 Hz
    Diagnostic                           0.05 ~ 100 Hz
    Calibration Signal  1 mV (Vp-p),  ±5%  Accuracy
    ST Segment Monitoring Range                         
    Measure and Alarm             -2.0 ~ +2.0 mV
    ARR Detecting      
    Alarm                                          Available
    Review                                        Available
    Tall T-wave rejection capability    1.2mV
    Heart rate averaging the average value of the latest 6 R-R intervals which have ignored the maximum and minimum  
    Updating rate of the display        1s
    Heart rate meter accuracy and response to irregular rhythm:
    Bigeminy ventricular                                         80bpm
    Bigeminy ventricular alternative lente               57 or 63bpm
    Bigeminy ventricular alternative rapid              122 or 123bpm
    Systoles bidirectional                                        95bpm
    Response time to heart rate meter to change in heart rate 80 to 120bpm        
    Average          3.7s
    Range             3.2s ~ 4.1s  80 to 40bpm         
    Average          4.7s

    Method                                                     Oscillometric
    Mode                                                         Manual, Auto, STAT
    Measuring Interval in AUTO Mode           1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90,120,240,480,960Min
    Measuring Period in STAT Mode              5 Min
    Pulse Rate Range                                    40 ~ 240 bpm
    Alarm Type                                               SYS, DIA, MEAN
    Measuring and alarm Range                                             
    Adult Mode
    SYS                        40 ~ 270 mmHg
    DIA                         10 ~ 215 mmHg
    MEAN                     20 ~ 235 mmHg
    Pediatric Mode
    SYS                         40 ~ 200 mmHg
    DIA                          10 ~ 150 mmHg
    MEAN                      20 ~ 165 mmHg
    Neonatal Mode
    SYS                         40 ~ 135 mmHg
    DIA                          10 ~ 100 mmHg
    MEAN                      20 ~ 110 mmHg
    Pressure                1mmHg                 
    Maximum Mean error               ±5mmHg
    Maximum Standard deviation   ±8mmHg

    Overpressure Protection
    Adult Mode                        297±3 mmHg
    Pediatric Mode                  240±3 mmHg
    Neonatal Mode                  147±3 mmHg

    Channel                                   2
    Measuring and Alarm Range   0 ~ 50 °C
    Resolution                                0.1°C
    Accuracy                                 ±0.1°C
    Actualization interval               about 1 Sec.
    Average Time Constant          < 10 Sec.

    IBP (optional)
    Channel         2
    Label              ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP, P1, P2
    Measuring and alarm range 
                         ART                0~300mmHg
                         PA                  -6~120mmHg
                         CVP/RAP/LAP/ICP   -10~40mmHg
                         P1~P2              -10~300mmHg
    Press Sensor
                   Sensitivity              5 uV/V/mmHg
                   Impedance             300-3000Ω
    Resolution                           1mmHg
    Accuracy                              ±2% or 1mmHg which great
    Actualization Interval            about 1 Sec

    12.1 in.  Color TFT  Made by Sharp Japan
    7 Waveforms Maximum
    1 Alarm LED  ( Yellow/Red)
    1 Power LED (Green)
    1 Battery Charge LED ( Yellow)
    3 Sound Mode corresponding Alarm Mode
    Signal Interface  
    ECG Output                         BNC
    Amplitude                           1 V/mV
    Accuracy                             < 5 %
    Impedance                          50 Ω
    Signal Delay                         < 20 mS
    Trend Recall
    Short    1 hrs, 1 Second Resolution
    Long     72 hrs,   1 Min. Resolution
    Alarm Event Recall
    71 alarm events of all parameters and 8/16/32seconds of corresponding waveform.
    NIBP Measurement Recall
    At least 400 NIBP measurement data.

    Rechargeable 3.7 A/Hr 7.4V Li battery
    Operating time under the normal use and full charge greater than 180minutes
    Operating time after the first alarm of low battery will be about 5 minutes
    Recorder (Option)
    Record Width                      48 mm
    Paper Speed                       25/50 mm/S
    Trace                                    2
    Size and Weight
    Size       Monitor                  310 x 140 x 263  mm
    Weight Monitor                    3.8  kg

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