• iSono wireless ultrasound
  • iSono wireless ultrasound
  • iSono wireless ultrasound
Ultrasound machines use sound at a frequency above the human range of hearing to create pictures of patients’ insides.

Meditech iSono®, transmit the image directly to iOs hardware , portable screen, making it easier for doctors to make crucial decisions.
iSono® gives us an idea of the severity of their condition and so physicians at that time can make a better judgment call as to whether they need to be admitted.
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Product Features

    Ultrasound scanner Workable with Tablet or Smart devices
    Built-in and replaceable battery
    Advanced digital  imaging technology, clear image         
    High cost-effective
    Wireless connectivity, easy to operate    
    Small and  light , easy to carry
    Applicable in emergency, clinic, outdoor and vet inspection
    Intelligent terminal platform, powerful expansion functions on application, storage, communication, printing


    iSono® S  Sector
    iSono® c1 Convex, Radius 40mm, 3.5MHz, 64 elements, 8 Channel
    iSono® C2
    ® C3
    ® CD3
    Convex, Radius 60mm, 3.5MHz, 128 elements, 16 Channel
    Convex, Radius 60mm, 3.5MHz, 128 elements, 32 Channel
    With color Doppler,  Radius 60mm, 3.5MHz, 128 elements,16 Channel
    iSono® L1
    ® L2
    ® L3
    Linear, Length 40mm, 7.5MHz, 64 elements, 8 Channel
    Linear, Length 40mm, 7.5MHz, 128 elements, 16 Channel
    Linear, Length 40mm, 7.5MHz, 128 elements, 32 Channel
    iSono® L4 Linear, Length 25mm, 10MHz, 128 elements, 16 Channel
    iSono® 4D1 4D scan, 3.5MHz, 64 elements, 8 Channel
    iSono® Plus Built-in Screen
    Linear, Length 25mm, 10MHz, 128 elements, 16 Channel
    Depth: 100mm~200mm

    wireless ultrasound scanner

Product Specifications

    Scanning system: array sweep
    Frequency: 3.5MHz ~10MHz 
    Depth: 100-200mm, Adjustable
    Field of view(convex array): 80 degree
    Screen: Smart phone or tablet screen
    Supporting system: Apple Mac OSx .iOs,Android)
    Display mode: B
    Frame rate: 12f/s
    Image gray scale: 256 level
    Image Storage: Using intelligent terminal customers to use (mobile
    Phones, Tablet PC) storage devices
    Measure: distance, area, obstetrics and other
    Power: by built-in battery
    Power consumption: 10W (unfreeze) /4W (freeze)
    Battery working time: 3 hours
    Size: 156mm×60mm×24mm
    Weight: 308 gram

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    Wireless Battery
    Disposable Plastic Cover

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