MD-200 Analog SpO2 module 
SpO2 Module Compatible with BCI (probe & Transfer Protocol ),high accuracy and small in size

Product Features

    Small size and easy installation; reliability high accuracy
    Enhanced signal processing capabilities reduced per-fusion of human movement and the impact of weak
    Applicable to adults infants and young children and newborn
    Operating voltage 3.3 v Low-Voltage
    Can display maps and pulse oxygen column
    Transfer Protocol BCI compatible
    Compatible with BCI probe

Product Specifications

    Oxygen saturation BF – type 
    Power Requirements 
    Operating voltage 5V ±0.1V DC 
    Power 40mA
    Environmental conditions 
    Operating temperature 5-50℃
    Storage temperature  -20℃ - +70 ℃
    Relative humidity  0-85% (non-condensing)
    Size 40 x 52 x 10mm
    Measuring range 50 -100% SPO2
    Measurement accuracy ±2 @ 50-100% SPO2 
    Less than 50% have not been defined
    Pulse rate
    Measuring range  30-235 times / min
    Measurement accuracy Greater than ±2 times / min or ±2%
    Bar chart 0-8 
    Serial transmission logic capacity TTL/RS232 Serial Port 
    IEC60601-1 SPO2: BF-type
    IEC60601-1-27: 1994 EN865
    ANSI/AAMI SP10: 1992 EN12470-4:2001
    ANSI/AAMI EC 13-92 
    Transfer Protocol BCI compatible. Compatible  with BCI probe

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