MD-IBP2 Digital NIBP module
Small in size, simple, excellent reliability and ease of installation clinical monitoring of the accuracy;
Excellent reliability and accuracy of clinical monitoring

Meditech NIBP Pump low noise ,low energy consumption,also it environmental,the detail information are as follow: more Details:  Air pump fore Blood pressure

Product Features

    The latest digital signal processing technology to achieve anti-noise and software algorithms anti-interference by moving arm;
    Capable of accomplishing all NIBP measurement items;
    Comply with EC safety design;
    Comply with all NIBP standard of ANSI/AAMI;
    Applies to adults, children and Newborn;
    5V/12V single power supply to avoid interference with the digital circuit by the pump;
    Fully compatible with the protocol of CAS Non-invasive blood pressure module (NIBP)
    MD-IBP2 is a Small Board 
    NIBP Pump:
    1. folw>1.8L/MIN  
    2. pressure>500 mmHg 
    3. life>50000times 
    4. inflation time<10s in 500CC 5.noise<52dB 

Product Specifications

    Measuring range

    30 to 255 mmHg systolic blood pressure 
    An average of 20 to 235 mmHg pressure 
    15 to 220 mmHg diastolic blood pressure 
    Pulse rate of 30 to 240 times / min 

    30 to 135 mmHg systolic blood pressure 
    An average of 20 to 125 mmHg pressure 
    15 to 110 mmHg diastolic blood pressure 
    Pulse Rate of 40 to 240 times / min
     Measurement time Adults: up to more than 120 seconds; 
    Newborn: up to more than 90 seconds;
    Restriction on software over-voltage Adult:  Less than 290mmHg; 
    Newborns: no more than 145mmHg;
    Protection on hardware over-voltage Adult: 300 ±10 mmHg; 
    Newborn: 150 ±4 mmHg;
    Measuring principle Oscillometry
    Deflation approach ladder Deflated
    The initial inflation pressure value Adult: 150 mmHg; 
    Newborn: 70 mmHg;
    Sensor zero reset Prior to each measurement
    Resolution 1 mmHg
    Measurement accuracy Maximum average deviation: no more than ± 5 mmHg; 
    maximum standard deviation: less than 8 mmHg;
    Pressure accuracy instructions ± 3 mmHg
    Leakage less than 6 mmHg Per minute; 
    Electrical performance Voltage: 12 VDC (adapt to the corresponding valve), 5 VDC 
    Quiescent current: 80 mA 
    Measurement current: 200 mA 
    inflated current: 600mA
    Environment Operating Temperature: 0 to 55 Celsius degrees 
    Storage Temperature: -20 to 65 Celsius degrees  
    Humidity Range: 0 to 95%, non-condenser 
    Operation Altitude: -500 m to 4600 meters 
    Life Span: can operate 100,000 blood pressure measurements
    Size 12.6 cm x 6.8 cm x 2.8 cm
    Weight: 180 g

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