• Multi parameter monitor board
MD-M01 Multiparameter patient monitor module Can measure circuits of physical parameters as ECG. RESP. NIBP. SPO2. Temp (optional) IBP (optional) etc.

Product Features

    The adoption of a CPU controls seven parameters functional modules with high master degrees
    High reliability high performance low-cost low consumption
    Small size can be easily integrated to the whole sets of the monitor equipment after specially designed

Product Specifications

    Adult            15 ~ 300 BPM
    Neo/Ped            15 ~ 350 BPM
    Accuracy  ± 1% or ± 1bpm choose the greater one
    Resolution      1BPM
    RESP rate Range and Accuracy
    Adult        7~120BrPM
    Neo/Ped        ~150 BrPM 
    Resolution 1 BrPM 
    Accuracy ±2 BrPM
    Adult Mode
    SYS  40 ~ 270mmHg
    DIA  10 ~ 215 mmHg
    MEAN 20 ~ 235 mmHg
    Pediatric Mode
    SYS  40 ~ 200 mmHg
    DIA  10 ~ 150 mmHg
    MEAN 20 ~ 165 mmHg
    Neonatal Mode
    SYS  40 ~ 135 mmHg
    DIA  10 ~ 100 mmHg
    MEAN  20 ~ 235 mmHg
    stalic state pressure range  0~300mmHg
    Stalic state pressure accuracy ±3mmHg
    blood pressure accuracy: Maximum Mean error ±5mmHg;
                                                   Maximum Standard deviation  ±8mmHg
    Range           0 ~ 100 %
    Resolution 1 %
    Accuracy 70~100%:±2 DIGIT  
                         0%  ~ 69% unspecified
    Pulse Rate 
    Range                   20~300bpm
    Resolution     1BPM
    Accuracy  ±3bpm
    Range               0 ~ 50 °C
    Resolution 0.1°C
    Accuracy ±0.1°C(not include sensor error)
    IBP Accuracy: ± 1mmHg or ± 2%,take the greater one (not include sensor error)
    Power supply:
    Request of exterior power supply:input voltage 12V DC(±10%),0.5A,lines wave <100mv
    Power consume:stalic state < 2W,work < 6W.
    Isolated: 4000VAC     Leak current  <0.5mA
    Work Environment
    Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55°C
    Storage temperature:        -20 ~ 65 °C
    Operating  Humidity:    15% ~ 95 % (no coagulate)
    Storage Humidity:        10% ~ 95 %(no coagulate)
    Size:   120mm x 100mm x 25mm 
    Weight: < 300 g(not include accessories)

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