Cardios® PC-based ECG provides you an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG solution with powerful data analysis functions.
Optional advanced analysis functions secure clinical accuracy and maximum decision-making efficiency.

Bluetooth Function available

Product Features

    12-Lead Simultaneous ECG
    Automatic Measurement and Interpretation
    Pacemaker Analysis
    Multi-Form Printing
    One Key Operation
    VCG and VLP
    Isolated USB
    PC Interface: USB Connector
    Patient Cable: 10 wires independent  ( easy to remove) NEW

    Speeding: 12.5mm/s 25mm/s 50mm/s
    Sensitivity: 10mm/mV 5mm/mV 20mm/mV
    Channel: 8

    Heart rate indication 
    Display range 30 to 300 bpm
    Display update with every heart beat maximum every 2 seconds.

    Data interface
    One USB interface for exchange of data with suitable external devices and software
    USB interface:
    output voltage range: 5V

    Automatic adjustment of the baseline to the optimal recording range in dependence of the signal amplitude.

    Meditech PC ECG anti defibrillation & high-frequency protected

Product Specifications

    Sampling Rate:  A/D:          24K SPS/Channel
    Recording:                         1000 SPS/Channel
    Quantization Precision:       A/D: 24 Bits                
    Recording:                          16 Bits
    Resolution:                         0.4μV
    Frequency Response:        0.05-250Hz (±3dB)
    Common Mode Rejection:  >90dB
    Input Impedance:               >10MΩ
    Time Constant:                   ≥3.2Sec.
    Maximum Electrode Potential: ±300mV DC
    Dynamic Range:                 ±12mV
    Isolate Voltage:                   4000V
    Patent Multi-Channel Synchronous A/D
    Defibrillation Protect:           Built-in box
    Patient Current Leek:          <10μA

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