Cardios® pro Stress test system is a super-stable and noise-free ECG tracings even at steep grades.
The sophisticated software gives you a perfect solution for cardiology diagnosis as well as a fantastic user experience

work-able with 
COSMOS® (Germany)
Track Maste®r (USA) Treadmills
ERGOSANA® Bicycle Ergometers

Optional Blood pressuer Suntech® Tango M2

Product Features

    High resolution A/D: 24K SPS/Ch 24 bits
    Meditech patent technology: Digital synchronous A/D
    Meditech patent technology: Myoelectric filter based on ECG spectrum
    Meditech proprietary algorithm: Minimum delay baseline wander eraser
    Different filters selectable: LP HP and artifact filters
    Skin-electrode impedance measurement
    Preset classical protocols and unlimited user defined protocols
    Arrhythmia detect and live review
    Various trends: tracking and compare cardios pro stress test ECG
    Soft anti-aliased ECG display
    ECG BP SO2 METS max VO2 Distance and Time synchronous display
    Rehabilitation mode: Cardiac function recovery protocols
    Independent testing for different treadmills and ergometers
    Product Description
    Exercise Testing
    Cardios pro  hardware digital ECG acquisition box
    included software:
    Exercise ECG software 
    Real time average complexes
    Real-time continuous ST analysis
    Re-analyze possibility of complete exercise test with ST HR  trends
    Enlarged QRS presentation
    User definable protocols to control bicycle or treadmill ergometer
    Resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads
    Cardios pro Data-management:

    Works with....
    Treadmill  MD400 for Stress Test ECG 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
    Automatic control via built-in RS-232 interface
    Emergency stop switch (can be moved for best positioning)
    Speed range:  0 - 20 km/h in 0.1 km/h steps
    Elevation:  0 - 22% in 0.1%
    Weight capacity:  for patients weighing up to 200 kg
    Bicycle Ergometers
    Exercise testing bicycle Proteus
    Cardios pro System work-able with
    COSMOS (Germany)
    Track Master (USA) Treadmills
    ERGOSANA Bicycle Ergometers

    Blood Pressure Measurement Device Suntech®Tango M2(USA) 100 - 240 V incl. cuff mains cable and set of connection cables 
    PC (Computer ) with Monitor
    Laser Printer

Product Specifications

    Sampling Rate:A/D:           24K SPS/Ch
    Recording:                        1K SPS/Ch
    Patented Multi-Channel Synchronous A/D
    Quantization Precision:     A/D: 24 Bits Recording: 16 Bits
    Resolution:                        0.4μV
    Common Mode Rejection: >110dB
    Input Impedance:             >20MΩ
    Frequency Response:      0.05-250Hz(±3dB)
    Time Constant:                  ≥3.2Sec.
    Dynamic Range:                ±25mV
    Maximum Electrode Potential: ±800mV DC
    Defibrillation Protect:         Build-in
    Patient Current Leek:        <10μA
    Communication:               Isolate USB (4000V)

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    Disposable exercise ECG electrodes ... 25 electrodes
    Chest Electrode        ............................. 6Pcs
    Clamp Electrode     .............................. 4Pcs
    Cleaning Cloth   ................................... 1Pcs


    Printer accessories

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