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ET-7 External Side Stream ETCO2 module Advanced low flow side stream module;Easier to be operated on monitor and anesthesia machines;

The end tidal CO2 monitor that we have developed at Meditech is known as the MD-ET7. This highly advanced piece of equipment is designed to be easy to use and deliver consistently accurate vital signs information every single time it’s used. Whether you need to monitor the exhaled breath of a patient under general anesthesia, or you are interested in having an end tidal CO2 monitor on hand to identify ventilation-related problems before they become more serious, we are able to assist.
The EnTide is a field upgradable module that is designed to be used alongside one of the patient monitors that we offer at Meditech, providing you with rapid capnograph results. This equipment features a low flow, sidestream design that makes it practical for use with both intubated and non-intubated patients. Additionally, the EnTide:
Real time CO2 Concentration Respiration Rate End-tidal CO2 and Inspired CO2.


Product Features

    Features reliable filter cells that help prevent contamination, ensuring the data is as accurate as possible
    Is extremely user friendly and designed to be used with minimal training
    Is highly portable and can be transported along with the medical monitor with the patient as necessary
    Can monitor both EtCO2 as well as EtCO2 along with automatic identification of various anesthetic agents
    Has simple connection sample lines, which makes the system one of the lowest cost per patient systems currently available
    If you need to monitor the exhaled breath of patients under your care, the Infinium EnTide is an excellent investment.
    This system is easy to use, delivers reliable data, and can help you improve your quality of care

Product Specifications

    Sensor type Side stream
    Technical principle Non-dispersive infrared gas analysis
    Storage condition -40o to 70oC, <90% RH, non-condensing
    Working condition 5℃—50℃°, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
    Circumstance pressure 86—106kPa
    Power demand 5 V±5% (max ripple 200 mVp-p)
    Power consumption Usual typical value 120mA during  deviation and calibration, typical value 280mA
    CO2 measurement range 0-19.7%(0-150mmHg,or 0-20kPa)
    CO2 resolution 0.1mmHg
    CO2 measurement accuracy 0 – 40 mmHg ±2 mm Hg
    41 – 70 mmHg ±5% of reading
    71 – 100 mmHg ±8% of reading
    101 – 150 mmHg ±10% of reading
    Above 80 BPM ±12% of reading
    Respiration rate 3~150 BPM
    Respiration rate accuracy 1% ±1BPM
    Anesthetic gas compensation N2O,O2,Agent(HOST supplied)
    Output Data EtCO2,Respiratory Rate, Real-time CO2, Fico2, aspiratory time, expiratory time, barometric pressure
    Warm-up time To reach designed deviation 97% within 45s, to reach designed deviation within 2 min。
    Rise times( t10-90 %) About 100ms when the flow is 50 ml/min adult water trap with sampling line 1.5m
    Delay time <3sec when flow is 50 ml/min adult water trap with sampling line 1.5m
    Flow control 50±10ml/min
    Automatic deviation calibration To proceed automatically in 5-8 seconds according to time and temperature
    Exhaust port yes
    Zeroing port yes
    Water trap test Pump works when water trap is installed and pump does not work when water trap is unplugged.
    Gas path obstruction, gas leakage and abnormal pump To judge according to pressure and flow.
    Water Resistance IPX4-Splash-proof (when the water trap is plugged in)

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